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We are a group of marketing professionals specialized in target marketing for residential developments. Simply put, we help increase the ROI for your Island projects by uncovering trends within your area and uncovering market insights using our advanced Real Time dashboard. Our unique branding and marketing hone in on branding strategies by harnessing specific data analysis together with digital and content marketing. We partner with licensed REALTORS® specifically chosen in each area that understand the local Real Estate community and together we create the right brand for your project. 


Most effective and more profitable, is to plan beforehand, harnessing information that provides you with valuable insight towards your project success. We deliver a powerful analysis environment with predictive modeling capabilities. Harnessing over 20 years of data mining to help discover hidden market trends and patterns in your area, we provide you with the strategic insight and competitive edge your business needs. We enable you to make successful decisions with confidence. As a pioneer in trending, Derek's company has received government grants in developing Real Estate analytics over the last 10 years.With real estate and home building being such an emotionally based purchase, the traditional methods of marketing no longer works with the connected world of today. Our key to success is a cutting edge approach to the marketing and branding strategy; one that focuses on buyer trends and draws a visual narrative, is executed through impactful channels, and flows into an effective loyalty loop. We design marketing strategies with the most impact. Any Marketing plans are conducted as required by a licensed REALTOR®Story telling is the skillful expression of vision and emotional techniques that tie it all together. Helping buyers and your clients visualize a lifestyle through master story telling which targets the emotional centers of the purchaser or client helping remove barriers to a produce a match that results in a sale or a home building contract. 
*Urban Trending is not a licensed Broker and All Real Estate Sales are conducted by a licensed REALTOR®.

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